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About Flowers


Throughout the world, flowers have been used as a means of communicating ones feelings, whether passion or infatuation, for another person which can otherwise be difficult or impossible to put in to words. This article discusses the meanings behind the different types of flowers and some of our views as a full service florist in San Francisco. The information entailed are based on research from various sources found online, books and our own general knowledge gained over fifteen years of experience. For those who would like to send a flower arrangement that holds a specific or special meaning with the help of flowers, then read on.

With that said, we believe, at the end of the day flowers can mean what ever you want them to mean. What does that mean? Well, let's say that you are sending a flower arrangement for a significant other as a nice surprise and as a way to express your love. Furthermore, let's say that your sweetheart's favorite flowers are pink Roses. So the logical thing to do is to go for the Pink Roses. Right? Yes! Even though pink Roses are known to portray a mother's love and red Roses have long been known to signify passionate love, sending the pink Roses is the right thing to do because they're his or her favorite. Remember, if a particular flower reminds someone of a fond memory or has a special meaning between the two of you, then surprise them with it regardless of what the flower is said to symbolize.

Another important point to remember is that the meanings of flowers have changed throughout time and will likely change again and again or new strains of flowers will be discovered and they too will one day, wear their own symbolism and meanings. Moreover, each flower also wears a different color (as they often do), which may also differ in their meanings and symbolism. Nevertheless, a gorgeous bouquet of flowers may just be the way of displaying your feelings, in a form.


Aster are popular flowers and are used in flower arrangements often. They come in various pretty forms and colors. The Aster flower is known to symbolize love and trust.

Bells of Ireland are green flowers that are often used in mid-size to larger floral arrangements for they are tall green flowers. Moreover, Moluccella laevis or Bells of Ireland, are also used in arrangements for Saint Patrick's Day to pay tribute to Ireland (being that green is the color of St. Patrick's Day) and to represent good luck.

Birds of Paradise are attractive flowers and are mainly used in tropical and exotic floral arrangements. These magnificent flowers have been known to represent independence, loyalty and honor.

Campanula have been known to symbolize gratitude

Carnations are among flowers which come in different colors and each colors of Carnation has been associated to it's own symbolism and or expression.

Red Carnations, just like most red flowers, symbolizes passionate romance and love.

White Carnations, similar to most white flowers used in floral arrangements represent purity and innocence. Moreover, white Carnations are also often used in sympathy and funeral floral displays to symbolize peacefulness and pure thoughts.

Pink Carnations are believed to symbolize nurturing love and kindness. For example, that of a mother.

Purple Carnations are most often used in ceremonial events such as sympathy and funerals, corporate events, and celebrations that host large number of people. Thus, purple Carnations are used in flower arrangements to represent leadership, royalty, and nobility.

Cherry Blossom is a branch filled with lots of small flowers which signify kindness and beauty. Cherry Blossom branches are great (by themselves) flowers for decorating a lobby of a building, corners of your home and more.

Daffodil This beautiful spring flower is well-known for symbolizing respect and chivalry.

Dahlia The ever so lovely Dahlia. This lovely flower can have many different colors and can even have multi colors. Dahlias however are generally known to signify elegance, beauty and nobility.

Daisy Flower come in a verity of different colors and strains and are used often in floral arrangements for all occasions. The Daisy flower is known to symbolize innocence, true love, happiness and purity.

Gladiolus are tall flowers which come in a variety of different colors. These sword like flowers are most commonly used in festive commemorations and signify great strength of character and honor.

Iris The Iris flower is best known to represent good news. Usually our designers at Fillmore Florist use Irises in arrangements such as New Baby Boy flower arrangements, Hanukkah specific arrangements and for specially requested arrangements.

The ever so lovely Lavender is known to represent honor and devotion. Lavender is a favored flower among many for their beauty and elegance.

Lilacs come in a verity of different shades and are adored by many. The two colors that we will focus on are purple and white. Purple Lilacs have been known to signify the first emotions of love and white Lilacs, youthful innocence and remembrance of times.

The Lily flower comes in a verity of colors and strains. These beauties can also carry a sweet scent depending on their type. White Lilies represent purity and orange Lilies are known to communicate admiration and affection. Generally, Lilies can be categorized as an all around appropriate flower that is suitable for most occasions.

Orchid are beautiful and elegant plants which blossom year round if cared for properly. Orchids are great gifts for literally all occasions and make for beautiful decoration. Though there are many types of Orchids, their meaning is generally the same; beauty, strength and love.

Peony a seasonal and favored flower that's noticeably beautiful and elegant. This popular flower has been known to communicate humility, prosperity, honor, and bravery. A very appropriate flower which signals a high level of respect for any loved one, for any occasion.

Protea have been said to symbolize courage.


In general, Roses carry powerful messages which express feelings that are otherwise hard to communicate with compelling symbolism. Roses are among the most sought after flowers in the world. When sending Roses, the color of the roses you choose can communicate different messages. For example sending red Roses to someone would portray love and romance. However, there have been numerous occasions where a significant other has asked for two dozen white Roses flower arrangement to signify purity and love. That, is a powerful statement.

The word 'love' is used to define a world of powerful emotions which frankly, cannot be justified with one or two words. Trying to accurately express such strong feelings and desires may take a long time. The saying "A picture is worth a thousand words" implies that one can communicate complex ideas and emotions with a picture. Similarly, we believe flower arrangements can also 'paint' or in this case declare ones complex feelings.

Red Roses have always been thought of as the ultimate flower of love, passion and courage.

Similar to other white flowers, White Roses declare purity, humility, and innocence.

Yellow Roses are known to send signals of friendship and care.

Pink Roses are popular flowers for occasions such as Valentine's Day, Anniversary, and Birthdays. Similar to red Roses, pink Roses have gained the reputation of signifying loveliness, romance, passion, and joy.

Orange Roses are thought to represent strong desire and pride. Orange Roses are great arrangements if you feel proud of a loved one.

Lavender Roses have gained a romantic symbolic meaning of “love at first sight”. When one wants to communicate such majestic sense of emotions and feelings for a significant other, Lavender Roses are just the right flowers.

Sunflower are simple and cute flowers that are affordable and long-lasting. Sunflowers are thought to represent innocence and thoughtfulness. A nice bouquet of bright yellow sunflowers are sure to brighten up his or her day and a great way to show that “your in my thoughts”.


Red Tulips have been identified for signifying passionate love. A deep feeling of love that's powerful and immortal.

Purple Tulips, similar to red Tulips, signify a love that's felt forever. Perfect for wanting to show someone that they have a place in your heart forever.

White Tulips are rumored to represent a love that's not returned. A love that felt by one party only.

Yellow Tulips are best known to signify one who is hopelessly in love. yellow tulips are great way to send as a first gift, a message, to someone special declaring your feelings for the first time.